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Fabelab is a playful organic Scandinavian children’s interior brand that believes in creating high quality, innovative and responsibly made products for a cosy and creative home. They create everyday products that inspire children and their parents to be creative and playful, broadening horizons and encouraging understanding and empathy.
Fabelab's products help stimulate children’s senses and imagination throughout every stage of their development, becoming an integral part of their play universe.
Many of their products are made with organic cotton.


Lulujo is a Canadian company that launched in 2009 by founder and CEO, Dawn Marie Pottier. The brand is inspired and named after her two children and is an ever growing global business based out of the east coast in Canada.
At Lulujo Baby, they strive to create beautiful, everyday essentials with comforting fabrics that today’s moms and children love. Their unique collections have touched the hearts of families with signature colours, on-trend prints, and ultra soft premium textiles.
Their products are made with high quality cotton and bamboo blends that will make you and your baby feel warm, cozy, and secure.
Make Lulujo part of your everyday for you and your baby.



Zoocchini has a simple mission: To make the very best accessible to all children.

They design, market, and distribute extremely innovative and modern products, that are functional, fun and affordable to all children.

At Zoocchini, 'everyone and everything is individually beautiful... and different!'

Bobo Buddies

BoBo Buddies pride themselves on designing premium, functional soft toys for children and toddlers.
Irresistibly cute and cuddly, Bobo's products are perfect for not only children, but are functional and practical for parents world wide.

Olala Trio Nightlight

With Leo, Leni and Lila, little ones will always have the light they need to feel safe. These cordless night lights will comfort them as they sleep, and can be placed anywhere in the house to form a lighted pathway throughout the night. We know that one night-light is not always enough; we offer parents and children a safe, rechargeable lighting solution that lasts all night long.

Flapjack Kids

FlapJackKids grew straight from a mother’s heart. Named after the Founder’s son Jack, this line of reversible products can be flipped like a pancake. 
These hats put the fun in functional and are made from high quality, soft, durable fabrics!! 
At FlapJackKids, their goal is to thrill both kids and parents.
We love the endless possibilities of reversible and who doesn’t love getting two options in one. See you on the flip side! 

Buba Bloon

BubaBloon is a soft cotton balloon cover for any standard balloon - making it safer for kids and even more fun. No scary pops or small pieces to choke on, parents and kids love BubaBloon.
Designed with safety in mind, the balloon is fully enclosed within our fabric cover
  • Safe for latex allergy sufferers
  • Any loud pops of balloon bursting are muffled and made less frightening
  • The cover contains any pieces of balloon away from little hands and mouths